Spotlight on Isun Alive and Ageless Skincare


In my last blog post when I spotlighted LeMieux cosmetics, today I will talk about Isun the second line I carry here at Citrine Spa.  I want to start off by saying that each line I carry is so special to me as they are all hand picked for different reasons and I really wanted to be able to carry a variety of lines that are unique, high end, and offer different types of result driven treatments.  So lets start talking about Isun.  


I first learned about Isun when I started working as an esthetician in Marina Del Rey. My first day on the job Bunnie Gulick, the owner and brains behind Isun, came to the spa for a training.  I was already well-versed in “organic and natural products” but really had no idea how they were made or what went into bottling an organic product.  When I first looked at some of the products Bunnie had brought they read “wildcrafted.” I had no idea at the time as to what that was versus “organic or natural.”  So what is wildcrafted?   According to Isun: “Wildcrafted plants are harvested from their natural habitats where they grow freely and untouched by humankind.  They are ideally supported by compatible plants and eco-systems in soil that is teeming with abundant life and nutrients to enhance their growth.” This typically results in plants free of chemicals that are higher in nutrient values than cultivated organic and commercially farmed plants.  This changed everything.  Now knowing that some “natural and organic” plants could be commercially farmed or have chemicals on them to then later be purchased it really made me start reading labels a bit closer and learning the ways products were manufactured.


After meeting Bunnie and learning about her background and vision for Isun, I fell in love with the line. The integrity behind the products is truly impeccable.  All Isun products are based on plant ingredients: herbs, base oils, and essential oils.  They are all primarily wildcrafted, organic, or natural and contain no harmful chemicals. Some of the ingredients have been sourced from indigenous cultures where they are blessed in a sacred ceremony before arriving.  These indigenous people from around the world still honor the gifts of nature bestowed on them in a sacred way.  Isun uses a cold pressing technique to help maintain peak activity, high nutrient and energy values.  Plant electrons undamaged by heat or chemicals are more in harmony with our skin and bodies. Lastly, all Isun products are packaged in recyclable dark violet glass. The unique glass has been shown to better preserve natural products as well as extend shelf life and prevents penetration of radiation from airport x-ray machines.


In my opinion this line isn’t just a new “clean beauty” trending line of products, it’s a line that has been carefully constructed over the years and is truly mindful about each and every step of the process.  Each step being carefully constructed for us to be able to enjoy the natural healing properties of these plants and making sure where they come from is not harmed in doing so.  If you love clean beauty you will absolutely love this pioneer line that goes above and beyond to protect the earth, the people and the products.  I personally have never found another product line with the integrity this line has.