Spotlight on Le Mieux Cosmetics

I get asked all of the time, “What products do you use and why?”  So today I am spotlighting Le Mieux Cosmetics.  I came across Le Mieux in Los Angeles after going to a high-end boutique skin care spa for a facial and they happened to sell it.  I was initially sold on the sleek upscale packaging and the fact that it was such an exclusive line (I couldn’t find it anywhere else).  Well fast-forward and that high-end boutique ended up being my place of work for many years so I really got to learn and love the line.  Le Mieux does not sell their products to retail stores and they are not a multi-level marketing company, they only allow licensed skincare professionals to carry there product, and only after you are trained on it.  You not only learn the basics of the skin care line but you learn the ingredients, the way they formulate and why, what works on what skin, what doesn’t work, how to use in the treatment room, and what works best as home care.  With so many product lines out there I think Le Mieux’s pure, effective ingredients and company integrity speaks for itself.  By only allowing licensed professionals to sell their product it keeps them separated from the rest.  People end up seeing the best results because those of us who spend our lives dedicated to skincare are the ones “prescribing” the at home treatment.  It keeps their product line high end, elite and in my opinion the best anti-aging line on the market.  I mean do you want your neighbor selling you a skin care line when they are a real estate agent or do you want a licensed skincare professional selling you a product that they have extensive knowledge and training on?  That’s a no brainer to me.


From Le Mieux:


“Le Mieux Cosmetics is an international company and professional skincare line founded in 2004 by an elite team of scientists, biologists, physicians, and chemists who are committed to creating pivotal breakthroughs in cosmetic technology to formulate the best anti-aging skincare solutions on the skincare market.”


“The company has garnered the reputation of “The Serum Authority” for its diverse selection of scientifically advanced serums with triple-tiered delivery systems, timed-release technology, and concentrated ingredients from premium sources, all custom-engineered to effectively treat a myriad of skincare concerns. Le Mieux is the first company to integrate Epidermal Growth Factor into its products to mimic human growth factors and enhance regeneration of the skin.”

“Le Mieux is passionate about education and provides specialized training that inspires skincare professionals to hone their skills and techniques, broaden the scope of their ingredient knowledge, encourage external and internal wellbeing, and foster best practices for growing a successful skincare business.”