Who is Mary Alice and what is Citrine Skin and Lash Spa?

Who is Mary Alice?  Well besides the owner of Citrine Skin and Lash Spa, I’ve been trying to figure that question out for the last 33 years.  Hi! I am Mary Alice.  I grew up in Winston-Salem, NC.  I was always a creative soul with wanderlust for life.  I was a good kid who made good grades and followed the rules until my high school years.  Those years, although funny now, were difficult.  I wanted to beat to my own drum and live on the edge and not follow the rules anymore. After attending multiple high schools I finally had my high school diploma in hand.  My parents always told me, “that is your ticket out,” so I took that literally.  About 5 months after graduating, I had big dreams to get out of Winston-Salem and out of North Carolina.  But this big question kept popping up, “what are you going to do?”  I had to contribute to society in some way and at that point college just didn’t seem like the right path for me. After some soul searching of my talents and interests one day, it came to me; I am going to be a makeup artist for film and television in Los Angeles, CA!  I was so excited. This was finally it. I was going to move far away and become super successful and never come back...I guess that 19-year-old had a plan, but life tends to have bigger plans for you. 


March of 2004. My dad and I packed my car and drove to Los Angeles.  I had decided to attend Joe Blasco Makeup School.  Once in LA, as I started unpacking my stuff in my new apartment it hit me... I don’t know one person out here.  I hadn’t thought that far. I had only envisioned how far I was from what was familiar but forgot that unfamiliar comes with a lot of unknown.  Good thing school started a couple weeks after moving.  As the days and weeks went on I started to submerge myself into the culture of Los Angeles.  Once done with makeup school I worked freelance as a makeup artist.  I started meeting people who I had never imagined meeting and got introduced to an all-new lifestyle of clean eating, Vedic Meditation, Astrology and yoga.  After about 5 years of giving freelance a try I realized I needed something a bit more steady, so I bartended at an Irish Gastro Pub in Santa Monica at nights and still freelanced when I could. My newfound love for clean living opened up all types of new ideas for me.  Then one day I realized the makeup and skin products I had been putting on people was far from organic and I was horrified.  I had to learn more about skin and this time I didn’t want to mask peoples’ flaws with makeup. I wanted to heal the problem.  I attended Santa Monica College to become an esthetician.  Once done with school I realized that my time at the bar was over; I had to fully immerse myself into what I felt was my passion, skin care.  I wanted to find a spa that resonated with me, with the same beliefs, somewhere that I felt I could grow and become that esthetician I knew I wanted to be.  I took some part time jobs at a couple spas in Santa Monica.  It was good experience but neither felt right.  I had recently moved to Marina Del Rey, CA and one day I passed this cute beach house that read Saving Faces Skin Care and I just knew I needed to go check it out.  I went as a client and got a treatment...I fell in love.  The two owners had over 15 years of not just skin care experience but they were also into holistic health and healing.  I had to work here, and I did.  That was where I really got engrossed into learning more about skin, holistic health and finding myself through my work.  My time there helped completely transform the way I looked at skin health, products, and overall well-being.  I eventually built a solid clientele and was really where I wanted to be in my career.


Fast forward a couple years and I end up running into an old friend who had been a regular at the bar I worked at.  Next thing you know we to go to dinner and that was it. A year and a half later we got married.  Work and home life were finally in harmony!  Then as life would have it things changed. Heart broken, we had to leave LA. We moved to Phoenix and I started working at a place that solely specialized in semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  It was fun and new and I enjoyed being a lash tech but I was still looking for another “Saving Faces.”  That apparently just wasn’t meant to be in AZ for me.  So I continued to work perfecting my lash skills to become a master lash stylist for Lash Out Studios.  Still missing California and not loving the desert, my husband and I knew we needed to move again. We had heard wonderful things about Raleigh so we came to visit and moved there 6 months later.  Here I was 14 years later and I couldn’t believe I was back in NC…the place I had vowed to never go back to!  During the first couple of weeks in Raleigh I found myself daydreaming of California and how our life used to be.  Then one day I woke up and thought instead of daydreaming of what was, why not bring my experience, products and all the things I loved in CA to the Raleigh area?  This was the beginning of Citrine Skin and Lash Spa.  Citrine is my tiny spa with a west coast vibe, holistic soul, results driven treatments, and products unique to the Raleigh area.  I want everyone to experience treatments that are good for the skin and the soul. To help people find their best skin health through healing treatments and product education.  To have Citrine be a place to relax, renew and cultivate lasting relationships.